Getting To Know Your Mom

Someone, I can get along with you from the start, We have an interesting start from the journey – I can still remember how he experienced every feeling during that time, he passed roller coaster emotions – anxiety, depression, excitement and pain at all. He didn’t know me well but he looked after me and loved me selflessly, giving me full attention, he would also shed all his secrets, he would cry and laugh. I can’t respond much except kick my legs but I can listen and empathize – We are best friends and I spend all of my time!

Then I was born and I brought tremendous pain to him, he fought for hours until I came out, son! Is it difficult to get out?

He hugged me and cried, it was the first time I saw his face and fell in love with him. I was introduced to most people, some were warm and some were not so warm, I mean there are all kinds there. He protects me from everyone and everything. He will pay attention to all my tantrums even at unnatural hours.

Moving forward, I grew fast and everything around me changed, there was one thing, that was constant – his love and support, which kept me going forward and helping me when I would falter. He taught me life lessons with examples, and never forced his beliefs on me, instead encouraged me to build my own set of principles and values ​​- That’s how he raised me.

We will eat, study and play together; he would sacrifice everything to make sure my life went smoothly. Then, I got some friends at school and wanted to play with them. Studies took over me and I was really absorbed in my curriculum. My friends and study became the theme of my life, but he continued to provide enormous support.

I entered college and had a boyfriend; I grew up admiring his relationship with my father, how he had played a vital role in maintaining a family together. I risked being married to my girlfriend on campus and guessing who was by my side happier than me – my mother!

Now he turns old and colors his gray strands black and I realize that he won’t be around physically forever and that it will hurt painful. I sit and think –

Have I stated enough, that I thank you forever for what he did for me,

Do I fulfill his expectations,

Have I offered a companion to share his sadness and joy,

Have I raised his spirits when he was low

Have I become a good princess for him?

Have I made him laugh enough

Have I told him that I value our relationship the most

Have I mentioned that I often stumbled several times and only thought that helped me keep going

Have I shown that he has become an inspiration to me

Have I told him – I love him

So, I have decided to make it feel special every day from where I am and what you are?

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